At Turbine Engine Support, we pride ourselves on offering some of the finest products and services you will find anywhere in the world. Our standards of quality are painstakingly kept with immeasurable attention to detail in every part we carry and every project we take responsibility for.

Our ability to maintain such high industry standards is made possible by partnering with only the finest companies in each aviation market segment. The following programs are cornerstones to this aspect of our business:

NextantTurbine Engine Support has partnered with Nextant Aerospace to manage the RTS (Reduce to Spares) program for the JT15D-5 engines that are being replaced as part of the Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XT modernization program. This RTS program maximizes value of the replace engines, while reducing cost of ownership for selected material customers.

MegellanTurbine Engine Support has been selected by Magellan Aerospace to manage distribution of key rotating parts for the military engine. Turbine Engine Support's customers include FMS and commercial MRO engine facilities.

Nextant Turbine Engine Support provides consulting and support for several USAF organizations in the areas for commercial derivative applications and commercial processes with the goal to maximize safety and productivity while reducing cost of ownership and waste.